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What's Your Spiritual Practice Like?

Spirituality is not religion. It is simply believing in a higher power, whether it be nature, divine spirit, source, universe or god. Whichever resonates with you.

As a Health Coach helping my clients balance all areas of their life body-mind-spirit, and as a Yoga Instructor, I often get asked what my spiritual practice is like. Since I am a practical girl, I wanted to share with you humbly a very simple routine I stick to every day that keeps me balanced, connected and in alignment with my truth. I hope it inspires you.

1) Meditation:
Upon waking up (breathing, chakra balancing, intention for the day)
Mid-day (breathing, chakra balancing, affirmations)
Upon going to bed (breathing, chakra balancing, gratitude for the day)

I practice anywhere from 5mn to 20mn each time. It is all about consistency, better to practice 5mn every day if that is all you can squeeze, than none at all.

I start by focusing on my breathing and imaging a white light entering through the crown of my head circulating throughout my body as I release any toxic and negative energy through my tailbone and I ground myself down into the Earth.

Then I proceed onto saying my affirmations (in my head or out loud is even better). An affirmation being a positive word or sentence you repeat to manifest into your life. For instance: I am peaceful, I am loving, I am confident, etc.

I also take a daily walk in the afternoon. I say what I am grateful for and what my intentions are, as well as focus on my breathing and affirmations.

In today's busy world, it has become even more of a necessity to meditate and connect with ourselves in order to stay grounded and not lose our sanity.

2) Chakra Balancing
Scan your body from the root (feet) to the crown of your head and say the related affirmation.
Root: I am grounded, safe & secure
Sacral: I am abundant, creative & sensual
Solar: I am confident, have self-esteem, I am in my power & I am worthy
Heart: I am loving and forgiving, I give and receive love, I speak from my heart, I am worthy of love
Throat: I speak the truth from my heart, I communicate clearly
Third Eye: I see clearly, I am intuitive
Crown: I am spiritual, magical and connected to the Divine.

I use crystals to enhance my meditation by holding them in my hands. I also place a crystal in my pocket depending on what I want to manifest that day.

I also use essential oils to support each chakra. I apply a drop on the related chakra.

3) Inspiration:
I read daily articles and work from inspiring sources such as Mind Body Green, Shelly Bullard, Lissa Rankin, Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue (I draw a card daily and use it in my meditation), etc. for inspiration and to help me stay on track with my spiritual goals.

4) Support:
I recommend you get the support you need from holistic practitioners (coach, therapist, healer, intuitive reader) and use other modalities such as yoga, reiki, massage, chakra balancing, cranio-sacral, acupuncture, reflexology, hypnotherapy, EFT, TAT, BEST, etc. Most importantly, talk to loving and supportive friends, who you know are safe to open up to. I find that as I tell my story to others without really needing answers, it helps me make sense of the chaos and allows me to find my own answers.

5) Release:
Get rid of the old to make room for the new. Release any toxic or negative energy from past, present, future and beyond.
Forgive those who have hurt you, not because they deserve it, but because you do. Send them love.

6) Manifestation:
Open yourself up: the more you open, the more you receive.
Try to be as precise as you can when you visualize your future. Define your ideal job, partner, life, home, vacation, etc. in details until you can FEEL it like it is real. Always speak in the present tense.
Neutralize any negative thought or action that is usually triggered in the present by a old refrained or unforgiven wound, by saying a positive affirmation.
Be love, be peace, be light and feel it in every part of your being.
Burst with joy!
Positive attracts positive, negative attracts negative.
Believe you can do anything. Your old beliefs are the only thing that is in the way of you manifesting your dream life, so let go of them!

Aside from doing mental and spiritual work, you can also do a body cleanse, which can only enhance your experience. Consume light foods, soups, juices, vegetables, fruit, herbals teas, etc. You can also take a detox supplement, practice oil pulling and abyhanga (warm oil massage), dry brush your body or take an epsom salt bath.

You may feel like it is all very time consuming, so pick and choose what resonates with you and fits in your lifestyle. I promise you the benefits will surpass your expectations in terms of peace, clarity, and productivity. Give it a try and let me know how it goes for you. If you need a little guidance and support, as always, I am here to assist you on your journey.

To your health and happiness!

Alexandra Le Ny, CHC & Yoga Instructor