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Should you go green and buy an electric car... or not?

This is NOT a review of Tesla stores, simply a review about the Model S 90D car by an earth-and-health conscious mom.

I have had the opportunity to test drive the Tesla this week. I must admit, driving this car is pure bliss, you feel like driving a jet minus the noise. Its forms are also quite enviable, the inside is luxuriously comfortable and the whole car is literally a computer. The car can drive itself, park itself - yes even rear-parking! - it remembers your seating preference, bumps on the road, your favorite music, includes GPS of course, and you can even surf internet (not while driving please), etc.

I cannot understate the fact that it pollutes our environment less (although debatable because of the toxic batteries), because it is electric versus gas, and saves you tons of gas money (which somehow offsets the $$$ cost of the car)... if you are willing to sit for over 1h (stay OUT of the car for below-mentioned reason!) weekly to fully charge the car for free at the Tesla supercharger station. It charges at 350 mi/h when the battery is empty and closer to 150mi/h at the end when the battery is almost full. You can have your own charger installed by an electrician with the wall plug for about $1000 in your garage and recharge it overnight for $15 per charge (200+ miles). If you install a charger, you get 25 miles per hour (or 250 over 10 through he night) or 200 to 300 miles per hour at a Tesla supercharger. You can also charge it with your own electric system at 3 miles per hour only, charging at 110V.

In terms of driving, your foot is constantly on the "gas" pedal because the car slows itself down real quick, which means less wear and tear on the brakes. There is no actual key to insert (only a real cute kid-size car in lieu as a remote control) and no shift (I still have the reflex of using both each time I drive the Tesla).

Did I mention that Tesla texts you, if someone tries to break into your car? (yes, I did try to "break" into my own car!).

Oh and don't get a light/cream interior, bc it is the least kid-friendly color and your clothes will bleed on the seats in no time.

That being said, after a mere 30 minute-minute ride, I get a massive headache. I thought maybe it was all in my head (no pun intended), so I alternated driving my old family van and Tesla this week and the headache magically ceased after driving the van. EMFs are real, people... I cannot even sleep with wifi on at night. Granted, we are not all THAT sensitive to everything that surrounds us, but if it gives me a headache, it must do something to others, even if you cannot feel it.

Who would have thought I would ever write a car review ;)

Alexandra Le Ny
Certified Health Coach & Yoga Instructor
925 858 2133
“Empowering individuals to reclaim their health and happiness and regain balance in all areas of their life.”