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Improve Your Sleep Naturally

Check my NEW YouTube video! Improve your sleep naturally with a bedtime ritual that will calm your nervous system down and support your adrenal glands.


Yoga, Reiki & Health Coaching


Trouble sleeping?

Having trouble sleeping? Try these proven bedtime rituals for a night that will leave you feeling refreshed and recharged. Your day will be so much brighter!

·      wait 2-3 hours since your last meal. Eat a light meal and choose complex carbs like brown rice, quinoa or millet over protein, since they have sleep-promoting qualities. Avoid sugar and alcohol.

·      shut down all electronic devices 1 hour before bed as their blue light mimics the effect of the sun and hinders your melatonin production which is crucial for sleep.
·      make your bedroom a sanctuary: remove the clutter (especially under the bed), change sheets weekly, only keep items you like, no electronics and fitness appliances and no work!

·      have a ritual: give yourself a massage with warm sesame or coconut oil, take a warm bath with lavender essential oil and epsom salts, read a fiction book, listen to soft music, light a candle, etc. whatever helps you wind down.

·      sip a bedtime tea infused with herbs like chamomile, lavender, hops, valeriana, or passionflower.

·      wear comfortable pajamas, preferably in a breathing material like cotton.

·      air your bedroom and keep the temperature cool.

·      make your room completely dark and quiet. Wear an eye mask, use ear plugs, and a white noise machine if needed.

·      remove all electronic devices to avoid EMFs (no cell phone in bed, switch it to airplane mode) and turn off your wifi.
·      say your gratitudes and write down any action items on a pad that you keep near your bed to empty your mind.

·      meditate for a few minutes: sit or lie down, relaxing every part of your body. Focus on your breath and body sensations. Inhale to the count of 4 and exhale to the count of 6. Repeat until you fall asleep.

Sleep is crucial for many body functions: it supports memory, increases longevity, reduces stress and heart problems, and enhances metabolism.

Remember that we carry the energy of our day into the night, so try to keep your day peaceful. You can also use natural sleeping aids such as a magnesium, omega 3 or vitamin D supplement, herbs, homeopathy, aromatherapy or Back flowers if all else fails.

If you still cannot sleep despite all these tips, there may be a medical issue underlying that needs your attention. I often find in my practice that when the guts are damaged, so is the brain. Healing your guts will go a long way towards improving the quality of your sleep.

For more information, please consult with me.

Alexandra Le Ny
Certified Health Coach & Yoga Instructor
925 858 2133
“Empowering individuals to reclaim their health and happiness and regain balance in all areas of their life.”


Work with Me!

Work with me!

Do you feel like you have lost control over your health & happiness and lost balance in your life? Health issues start creeping in that prescription drugs cannot seem to tame. You are cruising through life, without really feeling alive nor happy.

My name is Alexandra Le Ny. I am a certified Health Coach & Yoga Instructor. My work is that of a Nutritionist & Life Coach. I help my clients reclaim their health and happiness, by making realistic and sustainable changes to their diet and lifestyle, so they can regain balance in all areas of their life: body-mind-spirit.

I have a holistic approach to health, taking into account diet, lifestyle, exercise, work, relationships, and personal growth. I draw from my knowledge in nutrition, supplements, herbs, aromatherapy, and homeopathy to support their healing. I go down to the root cause of health problems, which are often connected to the heath of our guts, to eradicate them once and for all. I provide all the necessary lifestyle tools to help my clients transform and balance their life so they can thrive. When you are in a state of balance, there is no disease nor dissatisfaction. 

My goal is to empower my clients so they are no longer a victim. As a Coach, I put the power back in your hands so you can heal yourself. I would love to talk to you! Contact me through my website at

Alexandra Le Ny, CHC & Yoga Instructor
925 858 2133