Raw Almond Balls

Prep Time

15 minutes

Prep Notes

Use organic ingredients whenever possible.

Cooking Time



12 balls


1 cup of ground almonds or almond pulp (from making almond milk), 1 cup pitted dates, 1 Tbs almond butter or coconut oil.


1. Pulverize the almonds in a food processor. 

2. Add the dates and almond butter and process until it turns into a dough. Add a little water if necessary.

3. Shape into balls and roll into anything you fancy (chopped nuts, cacao nibs, cacao powder, or shredded coconut).


These raw balls make a great treat to end up a meal on a sweet note, or a nutritious post-workout snack. You can make them ahead of time and store them in the fridge or freezer. They have a light and airy texture.

Dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo, sugar-free.


Alexandra Le Ny Health Coaching