Chestnut & Chocolate Christmas Log

Prep Time

15 minutes

Prep Notes

Choose organic ingredients.

Cooking Time



12 servings


500g/18oz chestnut puree (unsweetened), 250g/9oz dark chocolate 70%, 100g/3.5oz unsalted butter, 100g/3.5oz light brown sugar, 1 tsp vanilla extract, pinch of sea salt.


1. Place the chocolate and butter, broken into pieces, in a bowl over a pan of simmering water. Stir until melted.

2. Blend chestnut puree in a food processor with sugar and a little water to keep it going.

3. Add the melted chocolate and butter, vanilla extract, sea salt and process until smooth.

4. Pour into a cake mold, lined with parchment paper. Even out the surface and place in refrigerator for 6 hours minimum.

5. Remove from cake pan carefully, rolling into a log and place in a flat dish. Use fork to trace lines that resemble a log surface.

6. Decorate with Christmas ornaments and serve at room temperature. 


This delicious cake is a well-kept secret and a family tradition that I received from my French Grandmother. I make it every year for Christmas and the whole family awaits it with great anticipation! It is rather dense, similar to a truffle in texture, so a little slice goes a long way towards satisfying any chocolate craving. The chestnut gives it a nice texture and makes a good substitute to flour. Contains sugar and dairy.

Glutenfree, Vegetarian, Paleo.


Alexandra Le Ny Health Coaching